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 ~FairyTail~ Rules!!

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~FairyTail~ Rules!! Empty
PostSubject: ~FairyTail~ Rules!!   ~FairyTail~ Rules!! EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 12:08 pm

1. Be Active!
-I cannot stress this enough, but please try to be active as much as you possibly can if something comes up at least tell someone in some sort of way message anything would help.

2. No Trolling Or Spamming!
-trolling and spamming irritates people and can cause bad tension between other players you shouldnt want that and i dont either, so please none of this.

3. Be Respectful And Mature
-We are all fellow guild members, so there shouldnt be a reason to go off on each. if there ever happens to be a problem that arises please take up with an admin or moderator thx.

4. Search Before Asking
-You shouldnt expect us to walk you through the entire game, so please do some searching before you ask questions.

5. [u]Help Your Fellow Guild Members When They Ask[u]
-if another member needs help, help them, we all had to start somewhere right.
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~FairyTail~ Rules!!
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