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 The Egg Basics Guide

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PostSubject: The Egg Basics Guide   Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:27 pm

Egg types : There are three egg types. Normal,Broken and Hatchable

Broken Eggs: These are basically useless but can be sold for a cheap few bits(the in game non cash currency) you will eventually have quite a few and I reccomend collecting them and selling them because every little helps.

Normal Eggs : Normal Eggs are small digimon eggs and each on has a unique pattern based on the type of digimon that has dropped it. Unlike Hatchable eggs these will not glow or hatch but instead are used to create Egg chips/data chips.

Hatchable Eggs : Much larger than the previous eggs will convey the pattern based on the digimons type that it contains and are surrounded by a blue aura so as to be easily recognised. If you are hunting for a specific rookie digimon you will need to defeat the digimon that appears in its digivolution line.

Egg chips/Data Chip : Egg chips basically act as the currency for hatching eggs, when you attempt to hatch an egg you will need a specific amount of the same type of egg chips/data chips.
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The Egg Basics Guide
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